Matériel Magazine

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Matériel Magazine is an annual collection of creative work by internationally, award-winning designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers and writers. In its third issue, Matériel introduces the first themed incarnation – allowing the contributors to experiment and play with the conception of ‘Bad’ in myriad forms. With a cover design by the talented French designer and letterer Maud Passini and interior work by artists such as Lotta Nieminen, Mark Pernice, Leif Parsons and Erik Marinovich – this collection is our broadest and most acclaimed to date. The accompanying Matériel Exhibition, in the Summer of 2015 was greeted with much success and high fives from the New York creative community. We’re looking forward to issue number four next year, check back with us soon to hear all about it.

The Bad Issue

Frequently draw pictures of your ex–boyfriend being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Think TOMS shoes would be cooler if they were designed by impoverished children, not just worn by them? Yearn to give every fair–trade, locally–sourced, organic coffee place a new logo that looks like a big middle finger? It’s okay.

Welcome to the bad issue.

Always awful

Alex Eben Meyers

Ambitiously adverse

Andrew Seetoh

Earnestly evil

Elana Schlenker & Ross Mantle

Devilishly devious

Maud Passini

Hilariously hurtful

Jen Heuer & Jed Heuer

Terrifyingly typographic

Jesse Ragan

Not So Nice

Nana Nozaki


Simone Noronha

Not up to par

John Passafiume

The dangerous

Keetra Dean Dixon

Trigger warning

Jeremy Wunderless

Classically corrupt

Ksenya Samarskaya


Mark Pernice

Get grotesque

Mark Pernice

Patently unpropitious

Paul Hoppe

Lately lewd

Lotta Nieminen

Then there was

Leif Parsons

Kapriciously Kool

Kyle Poff

Kapriciously Kool

Kyle Poff

Kapriciously Kool

Kyle Poff


Lan Truong


Kenneth Lian

Poorly understood

Parsley Simons